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The 24th Annual Peninsula Cup Regatta, is The Peninsula Yacht Club’s annual signature regatta held September 16-18, is going to have a few interesting changes this year. In an effort to make the regatta bigger, more competitive, and fun on the water and ashore we are trying out a few things this year.

Online registration and mobile payments: we will be using the regatta management site, regattanetwork.com, to manage registration and notices. No more mailing registrations.
One-Design races: the regatta is going to be open to all one-design boats over 19’ (e.g. Highlanders, Lightnings, etc.) and we will provide one-design starts and courses depending on the number of entries. We expect more j boats this year than ever before.
More racing during the regatta: a total of 5 races may be held instead of the 3 we have had in the past. Weather and wind permitting of course.
Promoting the regatta off the lake: invitations to one-design fleet associations from around the region are being sent in an effort to bring greater participation and new competitors.
Watch the race in the club on the television: utilizing the latest technology including livestream and raceQs, the race starts and position of the boats on the course in near real time will be shown in the club.

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